by Brown, Christopher; Sheng, Zhuping
Las Cruces, New Mexico : New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute, January 2004
Itinerarium Novi Testamenti : or, the sacred history and doctrine of the New Testament, in question and answer, divided into twelve examinations, with notes and observations: Containing The Lives and Travels of the Virgin Mary and Joseph, of our Saviour Jesus Christ, his Apostles, &c. an Explanation of the fixed and moveable Feasts, in Commemoration of their Lives and Martyrdoms, and their Successors in the Church, carried down to the present Time. Designed for the Use of Schools, to be used in Churches, and necessary in all Families of every Protestant Denomination. And A Form of Prayer, with Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, founded on the Scriptural Accounts of our Fall in Adam, and glorious Restoration by Jesus Christ, To which is added, Remarks on the right Education of Youth; Tables of Scripture Measures, Weights and Coins, accurately calculated, and by Decimal Arithmetic reduced to our English Valuation; a brief Chronology from the Creation, to our Saviour's Birth; Also A Supplement, with an Appendix describing the Universe, the Calculation of Time, and the Regulation of Seasons, Months, and Years; a large Catalogue of remarkable Scripture Names, the Characters and Conditions of them in general, for the better understanding of the Holy Scriptures, and may serve for an Index to the Work. With a synopsis annexed, Being a complete System of the Indian Nations, proving them out of all Doubt in Belief, to be originally Jews, sent into Captivity by the Assyrian Kings. Illustrated with six curious copper-plates. The fourth edition, with additions. By the Rev. C. Brown, Catechist
by Brown, Christopher, Rev
London : printed for the author, M.DCC.LXXXIV. [1784]