Impact of serum and dialysates obtained from chronic hemodialysis patients maintained on high cut-off membranes on inflammation profile in human THP-1 monocytes / Bogusz Trojanowicz, Christof Ulrich, Roman Fiedler, Markus Storr, Torsten Boehler, Peter Martus, Michael Pawlak, Marcus A. Glomb, Christian Henning, Markus Templin, Kristin Werner, Daniel Zickler, Kevin Willy, Ralf Schindler, Matthias Girndt

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Persons: Trojanowicz, Bogusz [Author]; Ulrich, Christof [Author]; Fiedler, Roman [Author]; Storr, Markus [Author]; Boehler, Torsten [Author]; Martus, Peter [Author]; Pawlak, Michael [Author]; Glomb, Marcus A. [Author]; Henning, Christian [Author]; Templin, Markus [Author]; Werner, Kristin [Author]; Zickler, Daniel [Author]; Willy, Kevin [Author]; Schindler, Ralf [Author]; Girndt, Matthias [Author]
Format: eArticle
Publication:July 2017
Part of:Hemodialysis international 21(2017), 3, Seite 348-358
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