Cross-national assignment of honor : assignment of honor in Germany, Pakistan, South Korea, and the USA / Gulnaz Anjum

This dissertation attempts to advance our understanding of honor in two respects. First, it outlines a theoretical framework of honor that is more comprehensive than previous approaches. This theory focuses on group processes that regulate issues of honor in various social groups. In a nutshell, honor is the public image of members of an honor group that is derived by adherence to an honor code. The failure to adhere to such code leads to the loss of honor, attracts negative reactions such as contempt by fellow honor group members, and may enhance tendencies to demonstrate ones own wroth as a member of the honor group. This approach is consistent with previous research on honor. However, it also shows further less explored areas of research on honor. Second, this dissertation, in two empirical lines of research explores new directions in research on honor. The first line demonstrates that the adherence to versus violation of an honor code is decisive for the assignment of honor by observers. This result emerges regardless of the countries involved in the study (Pakistan, South Korea, Germany), which suggests that it is a fairly general and culturally independent process. The adherence to versus violation of an honor code shows more dramatic effects if not outsiders but fellow honor group members assign honor. The second empirical line of research demonstrates in several countries (USA, Pakistan, South Korea) that observed honor code violation of central group members leads to dis-identification with the group, reduction of pride in the group, and tendencies of image protection. Moreover, honor group members behaving indifferently to the groups honor code are judged similar to violators of the code. The implications of these lines of research for the theoretical approach are discussed, and new avenues of research are demonstrated.

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