Mast cell hyperplasia, B-cell malignancy, and intestinal inflammation in mice with conditional expression of a constitutively active kit / Alexander Gerbaulet ; Claudia Wickenhauser ; Julia Scholten ; Katrin Peschke ; Sebastian Drube ; Hans-Peter Horny ; Thomas Kamradt ; Ronald Naumann ; Werner Müller ; Thomas Krieg ; Claudia Waskow ; Karin Hartmann and Axel Roers

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Persons: Gerbaulet, Alexander [Other]; Wickenhauser, Claudia [Other]; Scholten, Julia [Other]; Peschke, Katrin [Other]; Drube, Sebastian [Other]; Horny, Hans-Peter [Other]; Kamradt, Thomas [Other]; Naumann, Ronald [Other]; Müller, Werner [Other]; Krieg, Thomas [Other]; Waskow, Claudia [Other]; Hartmann, Karin [Other]; Roers, Axel [Other]
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Part of:Blood 117(2011), 6, Seite 2012-2021