Spatiotemporal, nonlinear optics and the quest for the observation of discrete light bullets / Falk Eilenberger

In this thesis, we have made a contribution towards the development of spatiotemporal, nonlinear optics. Contributions in the field of spatiotemporal pulse generation and analysis have been driven by the quest for the observation, characterization, and understanding of various families of discrete Light Bullets (LBs) and developed in parallel to that. In this chapter we shall first give a brief summary of the results that have been obtained in this thesis and then discuss potential ramifications thereof as well as possible future directions of research, which are indicated as potentially fruitful by the results obtained here. Starting from commercial facilities for the generation of high-power, femtosecond, pulsed light sources at variable wavelengths in the near infrared we have implemented a spectral pulse shaper to generate pulses with arbitrary temporal profiles, at high peak powers, with a high throughput and without imaging aberrations. Spatial pulse shaping into a pulse with discrete orbital angular momentum was demonstrated with a discrete spiral phase plate technique. We gave an outlook onto a concept that might eventually lead to a truly spatiotemporal pulse shaping device. The concept is based on recent advances in the field of multicolor metamaterial holograms and would extend the concept of metasurface beam shaping into the spatiotemporal domain.

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