The miRNA-212/132 family regulates both cardiac hypertrophy and cardiomyocyte autophagy

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Persons: Ucar, Ahmet [Other]; Gupta, Shashi K. [Other]; Fiedler, Jan [Other]; Erikci, Erdem [Other]; Kardasinski, Michal [Other]; Batkai, Sandor [Other]; Dangwal, Seema [Other]; Kumarswamy, Regalla [Other]; Bang, Claudia [Other]; Holzmann, Angelika [Other]; Remke, Janet [Other]; Caprio, Massimiliano [Other]; Jentzsch, Claudia [Other]; Engelhardt, Stefan [Other]; Geisendorf, Sabine [Other]; Glas, Carolina [Other]; Hofmann, Thomas G. [Other]; Nessling, Michelle [Other]; Richter, Karsten [Other]; Schiffer, Mario [Other]; Carrier, Lucie [Other]; Napp, L. Christian [Other]; Bauersachs, Johann [Other]; Chowdhury, Kamal [Other]; Thum, Thum [Other]
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Part of:Nature Communications Bd. 3.2012, Art. 1078, insges. 11 S.
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