Analyzing illumina gene expression microarray data from different tissues: methodological aspects of data analysis in the metaxpress consortium

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Persons: Schurmann, Claudia [Other]; Heim, Katharina [Other]; Schillert, Arne [Other]; Blankenberg, Stefan [Other]; Carstensen, Maren [Other]; Dörr, Marcus [Other]; Endlich, Karlhans [Other]; Felix, Stephan B. [Other]; Gieger, Christian [Other]; Grallert, Harald [Other]; Herder, Christian [Other]; Hoffmann, Wolfgang [Other]; Homuth, Georg [Other]; Illig, Thomas [Other]; Kruppa, Jochen [Other]; Meitinger, Thomas [Other]; Müller, Christian [Other]; Nauck, Matthias [Other]; Peters, Annette [Other]; Rettig, Rettig [Other]; Roden, Michael [Other]; Strauch, Konstantin [Other]; Völker, Uwe [Other]; Völzke, Henry [Other]; Wahl, Simone [Other]; Wallaschofski, Henry [Other]; Wild, Philipp S. [Other]; Zeller, Tanja [Other]; Teumer, Alexander [Other]; Prokisch, Holger [Other]; Ziegler, Andreas [Other]
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Part of:PLOS ONE 7.2012, 12, Art.-Nr. 50938, insges. 14 S.
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