Identification of genetic loci associated with Helicobacter pylori serologic status

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Persons: Mayerle, Julia [Author]; Hoed, Caroline M. den [Author]; Schurmann, Claudia [Author]; Stolk, Lisette [Other]; Homuth, Georg [Other]; Peters, Marjolein J. [Other]; Capelle, Lisette G. [Other]; Zimmermann, Kathrin [Other]; Rivadeneira, Fernando [Other]; Gruska, Sybille [Other]; Völzke, Henry [Other]; Vries, Annemarie C. de [Other]; Völker, Uwe [Other]; Teumer, Alexander [Other]; Meurs, Joyce B. J. van [Other]; Steinmetz, Ivo [Other]; Nauck, Matthias [Other]; Ernst, Florian [Other]; Weiss, Frank-Ulrich [Other]; Hofman, Albert [Other]; Zenker, Martin [Other]; Kroemer, Heyo Klaus [Other]; Prokisch, Holger [Other]; Uitterlinden, Andre G. [Other]; Lerch, Markus M. [Other]; Kuipers, Ernst J. [Other]
Format: eArticle
Part of:The journal of the American Medical Association 309(2013), 18, Seite 1912-1920