Anaerobic O-demethylation in acetobacterium dehalogenans : interaction mediated by O-demethylase components / von Hai Dang Nguyen

In the work presented here, the interactions of the O-demethylase components were studied using two-hybrid assays, gel shift experiments and far-Western blot analyses. Emphasis was laid on studies on the interaction of AE and CP. With the exception of the yeast two-hybrid assay (Y2H), an interaction between AE and CP was always observed. In gel shift experiments, the presence of the corrinoid cofactor was a prerequisite for the interaction of the two components. On native PAGE, AE appeared as dimer. The Y2H experiments pointed to an involvement of the N-terminal fragment of AE (AE 1-133) in the oligomerization of the protein. Interaction studies in the presence of the other O-demethylase components revealed interactions of CP and the two MTs which is in accordance to the proposed reaction mechanism of the O-demethylases. ...

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Person: Nguyen, Hai Dang [Author]
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Publication:Jena, 2013
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