Interaction of microorganisms with sheet silicates / von Zidan, Wafaa M. H. A.

To study the interaction between microorganisms and sheet silicates, nontronite (NAu-2), and chlinochlore (CCa-2) as a powder form less than 2 µm were incubated with two microorganisms; Streptomyces acidiscabies and Schizophyllum commune strains in liquid culture flasks for two months. CCa-2 is a non swelling mineral, while NAu-2 is a swelling mineral, where hydrated ions incorporate into the mineral interlayer. Consequently, the mineral expands and additional mineral surfaces are more exposed to solution and microbial attack. That is why NAu-2 was more susceptible to microbial dissolution than the CCa-2. X-ray diffraction (XRD) spectra showed that there was no change at all in the structure of CCa-2, while NAu-2 became amorphous to X-rays. S. acidiscabies E13 strain produces some organic acids, exo- polysaccharides (EPS), enzymes, siderophores, and melanin. The production of some of these biomolecules together at the same time might be the main reason that the S. acidiscabies strain was more efficient not only in releasing some elements from both minerals than the S. commune strain, but also in inducing some surface normal retreats of CCa-2 polished pieces. ...

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