The role of glucosinolates in the Arabidopsis/Piriformospora indica interaction / Pyniarlang Lyngdoh Nongbri

P. indica is a symbiotic partner in the interaction with the host Arabidopsis. The host plant benefits from the interaction by increased growth and better protection against pathogens. The following two aspects were investigated. 1 - P. indica controls the accumulation of IAOx-derived compounds in the roots of Arabidopsis. The phytoanticipin indole glucosinolate has an essential role in the initial phase of the interaction between the two symbionts, while camalexin, a phytoalexin, is required in the later phase of the interaction. The IAOx biosynthetic genes, CYP79B2 and CYP79B3 as well as the camalexin biosynthesis gene PAD3 are induced by P. indica. They are essential for establishing a beneficial symbiosis by restricting fungal colonization. 2 - I discovered the involvement of MYB28 and MYB29 in the resistance response of Arabidopsis against A. brassicae. The myb28 myb29 double mutant, which lacks aliphatic glucosinolates, responds to P. indica with growth promotion similar to the wild-type. MYB28 and MYB29 have been shown to be important in insect herbivory resistance and resistance against nonhost pathogenic bacteria and necrotrophic fungi. I found that P. indica protects Arabidopsis against root infection by A. brassicae. Furthermore, I propose that MYB28 and MYB29 play a role in induced systemic resistance. P. indica activates an induced systemic resistance response against A. brassicae leaf infection in Arabidopsis. This response is strongly reduced in the myb28 myb29 mutant. Hence, P. indica-induced systemic resistance in the leaves against A. brassicae infection requires MYB28/MYB29 and therefore aliphatic glucosinolates.

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