Quest for political unity in world history, edited for the American Historical Association by Stanley Pargellis. [Volume III of the annual report of the American Historical Association for the year 1942.]

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Persons: Abbott, Wilbur Cortez [Other]; Ander, Oscar Fritiof [Other]; Baron, Hans [Other]; Brebner, John Bartlet [Other]; Carter, Gwendolen Margaret [Other]; Condliffe, John Bell [Other]; Dale, Edward Everett [Other]; Dubs, Homer Hasenpflug [Other]; Edwards, Everett Eugene [Other]; Graham, Gerald Sandford [Other]; Gurian, Waldemar [Other]; Harper, Lawrence A. [Other]; Hitti, Philip Khuri [Other]; Kantorowicz, Ernst Hartwig [Other]; McIlwain, Charles Howard [Other]; Michell, Humfrey [Other]; Morgan, W.T. [Other]; Painter, Sidney [Other]; Palm, Franklin Charles [Other]; Schrader, Charles S. [Other]; Reischauer, Edwin O. [Other]; Von Fritz, Kurt [Other]; Timasheff, N.S. [Other]; Sorokin, Pitirim A. [Other]; Slosson, Preston [Other]; Wright, Quincy [Other]; Palmer, Robert R. [Other]; Rauch, Rufus William [Other]; Pargellis, Stanley [Other]
Corporate Authors: United States / Congress, House [Author]; American Historical Association [Other]; Smithsonian Institution [Other]
Format: eBook
Publication:Washington, DC, 1943
Part of:United States congressional serial set serial set no. 10835
House document / 78th Congress, 1st session. House no. 12, vol.3
Notes:Articulation and unity in the Italian Renaissance and in the modern West, by Hans Baron, p. 123
Emergency powers in the last centuries of the Roman Republic, by Kurt von Fritz, p. 221
Geopolitics and mercantilism, by Lawrence A. Harper, p. 111
Humanity and nationality, 1780-1830, by Robert R. Palmer, p. 139
Index, p. 375
Individualism in the Middle Ages, by Sidney Painter, p. 239
Langland and medieval functionalism, by Rufus William Rauch, p. 39
Persistent problems in Canadian-American relations, by J. Bartlet Brebner, p. 195
Reciprocity of attitudes in Canadian-American relations, by Reginald G. Trotter, p. 203
Rural communities and the American pattern, by Everett E. Edwards, p. 353
Some economic aspects of federalism in the British Commonwealth, by J.B. Condliffe, p. 187
Table of contents, p. XIII
The English Common Law, barrier against absolutism, by Charles H. McIlwain, p. 245
The cause and factors of war and peace, by Pitirim A. Sorokin, p. 83
The changing strategical problems of the British Empire, by Gerald S. Graham, p. 163
The concept of unity in China, by Homer H. Dubs, p. 3
The concept of world unity in patristic literature during the first five centuries, by Charles S. Schrader, p. 21
The dominions and world security, by Gwendolen M. Carter, p. 173
The economics of war in the ancient world, by H. Michell, p. 97
The effects of the Immigration Law of 1924 upon a minority immigrant group, by O. Fritiof Ander, p. 343
The end of the Indian problem, by Edward Everett Dale, p. 305
The historic circumstances of enduring peace, by Quincy Wright, p. 361
The origins of totalitarianism in Japan, by Edwin O. Reischauer, p. 213
The possibility of union among the Arab states, by Philip K. Hitti, p. 147
The problem of medieval world unity, by Ernst H. Kantorowicz, p. 31
The rise of French absolutism: War, depression, regimentation, by Franklin Charles Palm, p. 287
The rise of totalitarianism in Europe, by Waldemar Gurian, p. 297
The survival of religion in Orthodox Russia, by N.S. Timasheff, p. 73
Trends in federal policy toward the Negro, by A.A. Taylor, p. 319
Unity and division at Versailles, by Preston Slosson, p. 159
What was a Tory? by W.T. Morgan, p. 269
What was a Whig? by Wilbur Cortez Abbott, p. 253
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