Molecular response of nicotiana attenuata to herbivory and solar UVB : laboratory and fieldwork / von Son Truong Dinh

Plants have coexisted with insects for approximately 400 million years. During this time, the interactions between flora and fauna have driven coevolutionary and reciprocal changes, resulting in a complex mosaic of plant defenses and insect counter-defenses. In addition, abiotic stress such as UVB radiation dramatically affects plant performance; therefore, mechanisms to recognize environmental stresses, mounting of properly scaled responses and fitness optimization are three essential features for plant survival in nature. This work describes novel regulatory mechanisms and interactions mediating plant defense against herbivores, and the effect of solar UVB light on plant defense in Nicotiana attenuata. ...

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Person: Dinh, Son Truong [Author]
Corporate Author: Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena [Degree granting institution]
Format: Book
Publication:Jena, 2013
Printing place:Jena
Dissertation:Jena, Univ., Diss., 2013
Subjects:Nicotiana attenuata > Herbivoren > Abwehrverhalten > Ultraviolett B
Type of content:Hochschulschrift
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Basic Classification: 42.41 Pflanzenphysiologie