Ubiquitin c-terminal hydrolase-L1 activity induces polyubiquitin accumulation in podocytes and increases proteinuria in rat membranous nephropathy

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Persons: Meyer-Schwesinger, Catherine [Other]; Meyer, Tobias Nikolaus [Other]; Sievert, Henning [Other]; Hoxha, Elion [Other]; Sachs, Marlies [Other]; Klupp, Eva-Maria [Other]; M√ľnster, Silvia [Other]; Balabanov, Stefan [Other]; Carrier, Lucie [Other]; Helmchen, Udo [Other]; Thaiss, Friedrich [Other]; Stahl, Rolf A. K. [Other]
Format: Article
Part of:The American journal of pathology 178(2011), 5, Seite 2044-2057
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