Nonsense mutations in SMPX, encoding a protein responsive to physical force, result in X-chromosomal hearing loss

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Persons: Huebner, Antje K. [Other]; Gandia, Marta [Other]; Frommolt, Peter [Other]; Maak, Anika [Other]; Wicklein, Eva M. [Other]; Thiele, Holger [Other]; Altmüller, Janine [Other]; Wagner, Florian [Other]; Viñuela, Antonio [Other]; Aguirre, Luis A. [Other]; Moreno, Felipe [Other]; Maier, Hannes [Other]; Rau, Isabella [Other]; Gießelmann, Sebastian [Other]; Nürnberg, Gudrun [Other]; Gal, Andreas [Other]; Nürnberg, Peter [Other]; Hübner, Christian A. [Other]; Del Castillo, Ignacio [Other]; Kurth, Ingo [Other]
Format: Article
Part of:American journal of human genetics 88(2011), 5 vom: 13. Mai, Seite 621-628
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