Monitoring of a new approach of immunotherapy with allogenic 111In-labelled NK cells in patients with renal cell carcinoma / Birgit Meller; Christoph Frohn; Jörg-Matthias Brand; Isabel Lauer; Lutz F. Schelper; Katharina von Hof; Holger Kirchner; Eckart Richter and Manfred Baehre

111In-labelled NK cells - Biodistribution - Immunotherapy - Renal cell carcinoma

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Persons: Meller, Birgit [Other]; Frohn, Christoph [Other]; Brand, Jörg-Matthias [Other]; Lauer, Isabel [Other]; Schelper, Lutz F. [Other]; Hof-Strobach, Katharina von [Other]; Kirchner, Holger [Other]; Richter, Eckart [Other]; Baehre, Manfred [Other]
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Part of:European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 31(2004), 3, Seite 403-7