Clinical predictors and algorithm for the genetic diagnosis of pheochromocytoma patients

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Persons: Erlic, Zoran [Author]; Rybicki, Lisa [Author]; Peczkowska, Mariola [Author]; Golcher, Henriette [Other]; Kann, Peter Herbert [Other]; Brauckhoff, Michael [Other]; Müssig, Karsten Thomas [Other]; Muresan, Michaela [Other]; Schäffler, Andreas [Other]; Reisch, Nicole [Other]; Schott, Matthias [Other]; Faßnacht, Martin [Other]; Opocher, Giuseppe [Other]; Klose, Silke [Other]; Fottner, Christian [Other]; Forrer, Flavio [Other]; Plöckinger, Ursula [Other]; Petersenn, Stephan [Other]; Zabolotny, Dimitry [Other]; Kollukch, Oleg [Other]; Yaremchuk, Svetlana [Other]; Januszewicz, Andrzej [Other]; Walz, Martin K. [Other]; Eng, Charis [Other]; Neumann, Hartmut P. H. [Other]
Format: Article
Part of:Clinical cancer research 15(2009), 20, Seite 6378-6385