Ras/ERK1/2-mediated STAT3 Ser727 Phosphorylation by Familial Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma-associated RET Mutants Induces Full Activation of STAT3 and Is Required for c-fos Promoter Activation, Cell Mitogenicity, and Transformation / I. Plaza-Menacho... Oliver Gimm...

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Persons: Plaza-Menacho, Iván [Other]; Sluis, Tineke van der [Other]; Hollema, Harry [Other]; Gimm, Oliver [Other]; Buys, Charles H. C. M. [Other]; Magee, Anthony I. [Other]; Isacke, Clare M. [Other]; Hofstra, Robert M. W. [Other]; Eggen, Bart J. L. [Other]
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Part of:The journal of biological chemistry 282(2007), 9, Seite 6415-24