A newly developed and externally validated non-clinical score accurately predicts 10-year cardiovascular disease risk in the general adult population / Catarina Schiborn, Tilman Kühn, Kristin Mühlenbruch, Olga Kuxhaus, Cornelia Weikert, Andreas Fritsche, Rudolf Kaaks & Matthias B. Schulze

Inclusion of clinical parameters limits the application of most cardiovascular disease (CVD) prediction models to clinical settings. We developed and externally validated a non-clinical CVD risk score with a clinical extension and compared the performance to established CVD risk scores. We derived the scores predicting CVD (non-fatal and fatal myocardial infarction and stroke) in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC)-Potsdam cohort (n = 25,992, cases = 683) using competing risk models and externally validated in EPIC-Heidelberg (n = 23,529, cases = 692). Performance was assessed by C-indices, calibration plots, and expected-to-observed ratios and compared to a non-clinical model, the Pooled Cohort Equation, Framingham CVD Risk Scores (FRS), PROCAM scores, and the Systematic Coronary Risk Evaluation (SCORE). Our non-clinical score included age, gender, waist circumference, smoking, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, CVD family history, and dietary parameters. C-indices consistently indicated good discrimination (EPIC-Potsdam 0.786, EPIC-Heidelberg 0.762) comparable to established clinical scores (thereof highest, FRS: EPIC-Potsdam 0.781, EPIC-Heidelberg 0.764). Additional clinical parameters slightly improved discrimination (EPIC-Potsdam 0.796, EPIC-Heidelberg 0.769). Calibration plots indicated very good calibration with minor overestimation in the highest decile of predicted risk. The developed non-clinical 10-year CVD risk score shows comparable discrimination to established clinical scores, allowing assessment of individual CVD risk in physician-independent settings.

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Persons: Schiborn, Catarina [Author]; Kühn, Tilman [Author]; Mühlenbruch, Kristin [Author]; Kuxhaus, Olga [Author]; Weikert, Cornelia [Author]; Fritsche, Andreas [Author]; Kaaks, Rudolf [Author]; Schulze, Matthias B. [Author]
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Publication:04 October 2021
Part of:Scientific reports 11(2021), Artikel-ID 19609, Seite 1-10
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