Educational level, but not income or area deprivation, is related to macrovascular disease : results from two population-based cohorts in Germany / Violetta Ptushkina, Esther Seidel-Jacobs, Werner Maier, Sabine Schipf, Henry Völzke, Marcello Ricardo Paulista Markus, Matthias Nauck, Christa Meisinger, Annette Peters, Christian Herder, Lars Schwettmann, Marcus Dörr, Stephan B. Felix, Michael Roden and Wolfgang Rathmann

macrovascular disease, education, income, area deprivation, population-based studies

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Persons: Ptushkina, Violetta [Author]; Seidel-Jacobs, Esther [Author]; Maier, Werner Albert [Author]; Schipf, Sabine [Author]; Völzke, Henry [Author]; Markus, Marcello Ricardo Paulista [Author]; Nauck, Matthias [Author]; Meisinger, Christa [Author]; Peters, Annette [Author]; Herder, Christian [Author]; Schwettmann, Lars [Author]; Dörr, Marcus [Author]; Felix, Stephan [Author]; Roden, Michael [Author]; Rathmann, Wolfgang [Author]
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Part of:International journal of public health 66(2021), Artikel-ID 633909
Legal information: CC BY 4.0