Travel‐related control measures to contain the COVID‐19 pandemic : a rapid review / Jacob Burns, Ani Movsisyan, Jan M. Stratil, Michaela Coenen, Karl MF Emmert-Fees, Karin Geffert, Sabine Hoffmann, Olaf Horstick, Michael Laxy, Lisa M. Pfadenhauer, Peter Philipsborn, Kerstin Sell, Stephan Voss, Eva Rehfuess

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Persons: Burns, Jacob [Author]; Movsisyan, Ani [Author]; Stratil, Jan M. [Author]; Coenen, Michaela [Author]; Emmert-Fees, Karl MF [Author]; Geffert, Karin [Author]; Hoffmann, Sabine [Author]; Horstick, Olaf [Author]; Laxy, Michael [Author]; Pfadenhauer, Lisa M. [Author]; Philipsborn, Peter [Author]; Sell, Kerstin [Author]; Voss, Stephan [Author]; Rehfuess, Eva [Author]
Format: eArticle
Publication:16 September 2020
Part of:Cochrane library (2020), 9, Artikel-ID CD013717, Seite 1-165
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