Limitations and uncertainties of acute fish toxicity assessments can be reduced using alternative methods / Martin Paparella, Stefan Scholz, Scott Belanger, Thomas Braunbeck, Pascal Bicherel, Kristin Connors, Christopher Fa├čbender, Marlies Halder, Adam Lillicrap, Roman Liska, Kristin Schirmer, Gilly Stoddart, Paul Thomas and Susanne Walter-Rohde

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Persons: Paparella, Martin [Author]; Scholz, Stefan [Author]; Belanger, Scott [Author]; Braunbeck, Thomas [Author]; Bicherel, Pascal [Author]; Connors, Kristin [Author]; Fa├čbender, Christopher [Author]; Halder, Marlies [Author]; Lillicrap, Adam [Author]; Liska, Roman [Author]; Schirmer, Kristin [Author]; Stoddart, Gilly [Author]; Thomas, Paul [Author]; Walter-Rohde, Susanne [Author]
Format: eArticle
Publication:January 12, 2021
Part of:Alternatives to animal experimentation 38(2021), 1, Seite 20-32
Subjects:environmental toxicology
Notes:Gesehen am 09.04.2021
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