Pharmacokinetic and metabolic investigations of mycophenolic acid in pediatric patients after renal transplantation : implications for therapeutic drug monitoring / Michael Oellerich, Maria Shipkova, Ekkehard Schütz, Eberhard Wieland, Lute Weber, Burkhard Tönshoff, Victor W. Armstrong

The need for mycophenolic acid (MPA) monitoring is still under discussion. Key issues for the PK/PD relationships of this drug are: the role of metabolites, the usefulness of AUC versus predose levels, and the need to monitor the free concentration of MPA (f-MPA). Recent advances have revealed that, in addition to 7-O-MPAG, three additional MPA metabolites are present in the plasma of transplant recipients. One of these metabolites (M-2), identified as an acyl glucuronide of MPA, was found to inhibit IMPDH-II in vitro. This active metabolite was also found to cross-react in the Emit assay for MPA. In an ongoing multicenter study, the authors are evaluating the relevance of monitoring total (t-MPA) and free mycophenolic acid (f-MPA) in pediatric renal transplant recipients.

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Persons: Oellerich, Michael [Author]; Shipkova, Maria [Author]; Schütz, Ekkehard [Author]; Wieland, Eberhard [Author]; Weber, Lutz T. [Author]; Tönshoff, Burkhard [Author]; Armstrong, Victor W. [Author]
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Publication:February 2000
Part of:Therapeutic drug monitoring 22(2000), 1, Seite 20-26
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