High‐fat diet affects skeletal muscle mitochondria comparable to pressure overload‐induced heart failure / Estelle Heyne, Andrea Schrepper, Torsten Doenst, Christina Schenkl, Katrin Kreuzer, Michael Schwarzer

Abstract: In heart failure, high‐fat diet (HFD) may exert beneficial effects on cardiac mitochondria and contractility. Skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction in heart failure is associated with myopathy. However, it is not clear if HFD affects skeletal muscle mitochondria in heart failure as well. To induce heart failure, we used pressure overload (PO) in rats fed normal chow or HFD. Interfibrillar mitochondria (IFM) and subsarcolemmal mitochondria (SSM) from gastrocnemius were isolated and functionally characterized. With PO heart failure, maximal respiratory capacity was impaired in IFM but increased in SSM of gastrocnemius. Unexpectedly, HFD affected mitochondria comparably to PO. In combination, PO and HFD showed additive effects on mitochondrial subpopulations which were reflected by isolated complex activities. While PO impaired diastolic as well as systolic cardiac function and increased glucose tolerance, HFD did not affect cardiac function but decreased glucose tolerance. We conclude that HFD and PO heart failure have comparable effects leading to more severe impairment of IFM. Glucose tolerance seems not causally related to skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction. The additive effects of HFD and PO may suggest accelerated skeletal muscle mitochondrial dysfunction when heart failure is accompanied with a diet containing high fat. Keywords: heart failure; high‐fat diet; interfibrillar/subsarcolemmal mitochondria; pressure overload; skeletal muscle

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Persons: Heyne, Estelle [Author]; Schrepper, Andrea [Author]; Doenst, Torsten [Author]; Schenkl, Christina [Author]; Kreuzer, Katrin [Author]; Schwarzer, Michael [Author]
Format: eArticle
Publication:04 May 2020
Part of:Journal of cellular and molecular medicine 24(2020), 12, Seite Seiten 6741–6749