Life-time prevalence and psychosocial correlates of adolescent direct self-injurious behavior : a comparative study of findings in 11 European countries / Romuald Brunner, Michael Kaess, Peter Parzer, Gloria Fischer, Vladimir Carli, Christina W. Hoven, Camilla Wasserman, Marco Sarchiapone, Franz Resch, Alan Apter, Judith Balazs, Shira Barzilay, Julio Bobes, Paul Corcoran, Doina Cosmanm, Christian Haring, Miriam Iosuec, Jean-Pierre Kahn, Helen Keeley, Gergely Meszaros, Bogdan Nemes, Tina Podlogar, Vita Postuvan, Pilar A. Saiz, Merike Sisask, Alexandra Tubiana, Airi Varnik, and Danuta Wasserman

To investigate the prevalence and associated psychosocial factors of occasional and repetitive direct self-injurious behavior (D-SIB), such as self-cutting, -burning, -biting, -hitting, and skin damage by other methods, in representative adolescent samples from 11 European countries.

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Persons: Brunner, Romuald [Author]; Kaess, Michael [Author]; Parzer, Peter [Author]; Fischer-Waldschmidt, Gloria [Author]; Carli, Vladimir [Author]; Hoven, Christina W. [Author]; Wasserman, Camilla [Author]; Sarchiapone, Marco [Author]; Resch, Franz [Author]; Apter, Alan [Author]; Balazs, Judith [Author]; Barzilay, Shira [Author]; Bobes, Julio [Author]; Corcoran, Paul [Author]; Cosmanm, Doina [Author]; Haring, Christian [Author]; Iosuec, Miriam [Author]; Kahn, Jean-Pierre [Author]; Keeley, Helen [Author]; Meszaros, Gergely [Author]; Nemes, Bogdan [Author]; Podlogar, Tina [Author]; Postuvan, Vita [Author]; Saiz, Pilar A. [Author]; Sisask, Merike [Author]; Tubiana, Alexandra [Author]; Varnik, Airi [Author]; Wasserman, Danuta [Author]
Format: eArticle
Part of:The journal of child psychology and psychiatry 55(2014), 4, Seite 337-348
Direct self-injurious behavior
nonsuicidal self-injury
Notes:Published online: 12 November 2013
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