SAMHD1's protein expression profile in humans / Sarah Schmidt, Kristina Schenkova, Tarek Adam, Elina Erikson, Judith Lehmann‐Koch, Serkan Sertel, Bruno Verhasselt, Oliver T. Fackler, Felix Lasitschka, and Oliver T. Keppler

First cross-sectional expression profile of SAMHD1 in human tissue provides insight into its regulation on HIV target cells and effects its expression or phosphorylation state by proinflammatory cytokines.

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Persons: Schmidt, Sarah [Author]; Schenková, Kristína [Author]; Adam, Tarek [Author]; Erikson, Elina [Author]; Lehmann-Koch, Judith [Author]; Sertel, Serkan [Author]; Verhasselt, Bruno [Author]; Fackler, Oliver Till [Author]; Lasitschka, Felix [Author]; Keppler, Oliver Till [Author]
Format: eArticle
Publication:02 February 2015
Part of:Journal of leukocyte biology 98(2015), 1, Seite 5-14
innate immunity
restriction factor
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