Social anxiety as a potential mediator of the association between attachment and depression / Susanne Manes, Steffi Nodop, Uwe Altmann, Romina Gawlytta, Ulrike Dinger, Wibke Dymel, Johannes C. Ehrenthal, Peter Joraschky, Björn Nolting, Katja Petrowski, Viktoria Ritter, Henning Schauenburg, Ulrich Stangier, Ulrike Willutzki, and Bernhard Strauss

OBJECTIVE: The study represents a conceptual replication of the study by Eng et al. (2001) in a sample of adult patients diagnosed with social anxiety disorder as primary diagnosis. - METHODS: Two different attachment questionnaires (Bielefeld Questionnaire of Client Expectations (BQCE) and Experiences in Close Relationships (ECR-RD)) were applied to examine whether the effect of attachment on depression (measured by the BDI) is mediated by social anxiety (measured by the LSAS) in a cross-sectional study. - RESULTS: The data confirms such a mediation. The effect of attachment measured with the BQCE on depression was completely mediated, whereas the effect of both scales of the ECR-RD (attachment related avoidance and anxiety) on depression was only partially mediated by social anxiety disorder. - CONCLUSION: The study supports the association of attachment, social anxiety, and depressive symptoms and the need to consider different perspectives on attachment.

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Persons: Manes, Susanne [Author]; Nodop, Steffi [Author]; Altmann, Uwe [Author]; Gawlytta, Romina [Author]; Dinger, Ulrike [Author]; Dymel, Wibke [Author]; Ehrenthal, Johannes C. [Author]; Joraschky, Peter [Author]; Nolting, Björn [Author]; Petrowski, Katja [Author]; Ritter, Viktoria [Author]; Schauenburg, Henning [Author]; Stangier, Ulrich [Author]; Willutzki, Ulrike [Author]; Strauss, Bernhard [Author]
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Publication:27 June 2016
Part of:Journal of affective disorders 205(2016), Seite 264-268
Adult attachment
Bielefeld Questionnaire of Client Expectations
Cross-Sectional Studies
Depressive Disorder
Experiences in Close Relationships
Middle Aged
Object Attachment
Phobia, Social
Regression Analysis
Social anxiety
Surveys and Questionnaires
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