Walkability and its association with walking/cycling and body mass index among adults in different regions of Germany : a cross-sectional analysis of pooled data from five German cohorts / Nadja Kartschmit, Robynne Sutcliffe, Mark Patrick Sheldon, Susanne Moebus, Karin Halina Greiser, Saskia Hartwig, Detlef Thürkow, Ulrike Stentzel, Neeltje van den Berg, Kathrin Wolf, Werner Maier, Annette Peters, Salman Ahmed, Corinna Köhnke, Rafael Mikolajczyk, Andreas Wienke, Alexander Kluttig, Gavin Rudge

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Persons: Kartschmit, Nadja [Author]; Sutcliffe, Robynne [Author]; Sheldon, Mark Patrick [Author]; Moebus, Susanne [Author]; Greiser, Karin Halina [Author]; Hartwig, Saskia [Author]; Thürkow, Detlef [Author]; Stentzel, Ulrike [Author]; Berg, Neeltje van den [Author]; Wolf, Kathrin [Author]; Maier, Werner Albert [Author]; Peters, Annette [Author]; Ahmed, Salman [Author]; Köhnke, Corinna [Author]; Mikolajczyk, Rafael [Author]; Wienke, Andreas [Author]; Kluttig, Alexander [Author]; Rudge, Gavin [Author]
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Part of:BMJ open Volume 10 (2020), issue 4, Artikel e033941, 11 Seiten
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Legal information: CC BY-NC 4.0