Changes in fat mass and fat-free-mass are associated with incident hypertension in four population-based studies from Germany. / Till Ittermann, Nicole Werner, Wolfgang Lieb, Benedikt Merz, Ute Nöthlings, Alexander Kluttig, Daniel Tiller, Karin H. Greiser, Susanne Vogt, Barbara Thorand, Annette Peters, Henry Völzke, Marcus Dörr, Sabine Schipf, Marcello R. P. Markus

Body composition, fat mass, fat-free mass, hypertension, obesity, overweight.

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Persons: Ittermann, Till [Author]; Werner, Nicole [Author]; Lieb, Wolfgang [Author]; Merz, Benedikt [Author]; Nöthlings, Ute [Author]; Kluttig, Alexander [Author]; Tiller, Daniel [Author]; Greiser, Karin Halina [Author]; Vogt, Susanne [Author]; Thorand, Barbara [Author]; Peters, Annette [Author]; Völzke, Henry [Author]; Dörr, Marcus [Author]; Schipf, Sabine [Author]; Markus, Marcello R. P. [Author]
Format: eArticle
Part of:International journal of cardiology 274(2019), Seite 372-377
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