Higgs stability-bound and fermionic dark matter / Aaron Held and René Sondenheimer

Higgs-portal interactions of fermionic dark matter - in contrast to fermions coupled via Yukawa interactions - can have a stabilizing effect on the standard-model Higgs potential. A non-perturbative renormalization-group analysis reveals that, similar to higher-order operators in the Higgs potential itself, the fermionic portal coupling can increase the metastability scale by only about one order of magnitude. Assuming a thermal freeze-out via the Higgs-portal coupling, this regime of very weakly coupled dark matter is in conflict with relic-density constraints. Conversely, fermionic dark matter with the right relic abundance requires either a low cutoff scale of the effective field theory or a strongly interacting scalar sector. This results in a triviality problem in the scalar sector which persists at the non-perturbative level. The corresponding breakdown of the effective field theory suggests a larger dark sector to be present not too far above the dark-fermion mass-scale.

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Persons: Held, Aaron [Author]; Sondenheimer, René [Author]
Format: eArticle
Publication:25 February 2019
Part of:Journal of high energy physics (2019,2) Artikel-Nummer 166, 24 Seiten
Subjects:Non-perturbative renormalization
Notes:Gesehen am 18.07.2019
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