Regional differences in antihyperglycemic medication are not explained by individual socioeconomic status, regional deprivation, and regional health care services : observational results from the German DIAB-CORE consortium / Christina Bächle, Heiner Claessen, Werner Maier, Teresa Tamayo, Michaela Schunk, Ina-Maria Rückert-Eheberg, Rolf Holle, Christa Meisinger, Susanne Moebus, Karl-Heinz Jöckel, Sabine Schipf, Henry Völzke, Saskia Hartwig, Alexander Kluttig, Lars Kroll, Ute Linnenkamp, Andrea Icks

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Persons: Bächle, Christina [Author]; Claessen, Heiner Götz Rudolf [Author]; Maier, Werner [Author]; Tamayo, Teresa [Author]; Schunk, Michaela [Author]; Rückert-Eheberg, Ina-Maria [Author]; Holle, Rolf [Author]; Meisinger, Christa [Author]; Moebus, Susanne [Author]; Jöckel, Karl-Heinz [Author]; Schipf, Sabine [Author]; Völzke, Henry [Author]; Härtwig, Saskia Juliane [Author]; Kluttig, Alexander [Author]; Kroll, Lars [Author]; Linnenkamp, Ute [Author]; Icks, Andrea [Author]
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Part of:PLOS ONE 13(2018), 1, Seite e0191559
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